How to Self Edit a Book?

These days, writing has become a new trend. Almost everyone I know is writing something or the other and the most common question they as is “How to Self Edit a Book?” While, this is a good thing, it often becomes havoc for the editors. Firstly, there is a dearth of good editors in the … Read more

Types of Publishers in India

Over the past few years, Publishing Industry in India is facing a whooping demand for publishing services by Indie Authors. Well, today we would like to discuss about the various Types of publishers in India and which one of those would help you with book publishing: Traditional Publishers Type 1: Description: The Traditional Publishers would … Read more

How to Publish a Book in India?

There are more than 20,000 publishers in India. The Publishing Industry is arising as a big industry in the nation by welcoming the budding authors and enhancing the established writers. Transcending all the hurdles, the publishers are now as keen as the writers are, to bring the readers the best content. When the writers uncage … Read more

What is an ISBN?

While publishing a book we are frequently queried about various terms regarding publishing. One of them is ‘What is an ISBN?”. Every day we come across writers’ dubiety regarding ISBN. So, here we are mentioning a few important points to focus, clarify and sequence the term ISBN and why is it necessary for a writer … Read more

How to Write a Poetry Book?

An aspiring Poet finds it very difficult to get guidelines about how to write a Poetry Book. It is a fact that writing a Poetry Book is as cumbersome as writing a Novel. However, formatting a poetry book is much more technical than that of a Novel. Therefore, in this blog, we will talk about … Read more

How to Setup and Use Goodreads Author Account?

Goodreads Author Account is a free online service that allows authors to register and recommend their books to a worldwide audience. Registering Your Books on Goodreads Goodreads is the world’s largest community of readers for authors especially self published ones, as it gives them a wide platform. Setting up Goodreads Author Profile: First, see whether … Read more

How to Setup and Use Amazon Author Page?

Amazon Author Page is a free online service that allows authors to sell their books more to a worldwide audience by giving them legitimacy. Setting up your Amazon Author Page is easy. You just need to follow the simple steps: You need to have an Amazon account whether as a consumer or a self publisher. … Read more

Should You Buy Book Reviews?

Before we answer the question ‘Should You Buy Book Reviews?’ We would like to ask you a question. ‘How do you come to know that a particular product you are going to buy is good or not?’ Well, your answer would be ‘I generally go with the word of mouth if I buy it offline … Read more

How to Promote a Book on Social Media?

Only publishing a book is not sufficient. Publishing is just another step towards becoming a successful author. The next step to publishing is marketing and in self publishing, it’s the author who needs to take the responsibility to Promote a Book on Social Media. Marketing is generally of two types: Online and Offline. And both … Read more

How to Write a Book?

An aspiring writer always wishes to find someone who can guide him while writing a book, but it is really difficult to find the perfect guide among multiples of those available online. We at Damick Publications not only help the authors in publishing but also extend our help to the aspiring authors in fulfilling their … Read more