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Publishing Process

Have you just completed your script or are you still working on it? Do you want to know how to publish a book with us?
Well, here is the book publishing process :)


Submission Guidelines

After you have completed your manuscript, you have to adhere to the Submission Guidelines below:

Novel Publishing: Mail a brief synopsis (one or two pages summary of your manuscript) and the first three chapters of your manuscript along with your Author's bio in the third person (comprising your contact details i.e. your mobile number and E-mail id) to

Poetry Publishing: Any 3 Poems along with your Poet's bio in the third person (comprising your contact details i.e. your mobile number and E-mail id) to

After you have mailed us, our expert will review your manuscript and inform you about our decision within next 72 working hours of submission of your manuscript.

As soon as your script is selected by us, you should choose among the packages available on our website and inform us about your choice through an email, following which we will send you the bank account details of Damick Publications so that you can complete the payment procedure. (After we receive the payment we will send you the confirmation email as our acknowledgement and we will start the further publishing process.)


Manuscript Editing

The next step is Manuscript Editing. (Not applicable for Quick Publishing, Silver and Gold Package)

Now the question is what is manuscript editing and why is editing required? Every author may not be grammatically correct while narrating in the language they have chosen to write the script. Therefore the script needs to be error free in order to maintain the flow and consistency for the readers to read flawlessly.

At Damick Publications we have experienced editors qualified from the best Institutes.

Editing generally takes 4 – 8 Weeks depending upon the level of editing required in the manuscript.


Typesetting & Cover Designing

After your manuscript is ready we will mail it to you so that you can verify it before it is sent to the next stage. Upon your satisfaction we take your script to the next stage i.e. Typesetting & Cover Designing.

Here we make sure that you get a perfect Book cover for your manuscript which is designed by our experienced cover designers, following which your book is sent for proper formatting so that it gets printed in a perfect pattern.

Time taken for this process is generally 1 - 2 weeks depending upon the level of work required.


Printing, Royalty & Support

After the book cover has been designed and the typesetting has been done, we will send your script for Printing.

Printing generally takes 1 - 2 weeks depending upon the number of copies to be published.

As soon as we receive the printed copies, we make the books available on various online selling platforms.

Royalty gets paid to you on quarterly basis. We will mail you the quarterly sales report and your royalty will be credited to your back account within the first week of the following quarter.

In case you need any Post Publishing Support, your queries are always welcome. For any assistance, you may call us on +91-9999212301 or mail us at

Please Note - During the publishing process, a Non-Exclusive Agreement will be signed between you and us.
This Non-exclusive agreement ensures that you retain the complete rights of your book and we retain only the publishing rights for the same.