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Betrayal wasn’t new to her. Paranormal wasn’t new to her.

Death wasn’t new to her. But love was!

Unlike others, Aayushi’s childhood was a horrible nightmare from which she wanted to escape soon. Stepping into the college, she found a new set of friends who brought all the happiness she had missed and she felt blessed. But it didn’t last long.

A birthday, which was meant to bring smiles, brought death; a birthday, which was meant for celebration, unfolded one terrifying truth; a birthday, which was meant to give delight, brought an uninvited guest and Aayushi’s life changed forever.

She can’t run away from the spirit; she can’t cheat the death; she can’t protect her friends, unless…

About Author

Born in Pollachi, Coimbatore, Aparna Preethi is a versatile writer and a voracious reader. She has completed her Masters in English Literature and currently works as a Media Researcher. Books have always been her only solace and companion. Books of romance are her best companion which is also the theme for most of her writing.

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ISBN: 978-81-944648-2-2

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Date of Publishing: 11-06-2020

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