A Lust Story


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The story is set against the backdrop of two indistinct personalities talking over a dating app; who eventually indulge in passionate sexchat sessions every passing night, for they are sexually parched and they utterly crave for their unfulfilled cravings to be fulfilled. But gradually they start to develop a fondness and affection for each other, while exploring and trailing through their poignant stories and sombre truths of past and present. Though there are several obstacles that impel them to stay apart, there are even stronger emotions that propel them to unite over a secret meeting. ‘A Lust Story’ recounts a steamy and fervid convo between Kaman and Aakansha that keeps toing and froing between love and lust, and that wreathes in several grey shades of erotism, suspense, crime and an intriguing mystery. Will they finally be able to lay entwined in each other’s arms and allay the stinging pain of their harsh realities, or will they suffer a twist of fate?

About Author

Born and brought up in the city of joy, Souvik, the silver-pen writer, graduated from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and then went on to pursue his higher studies. Being a passionate writer and an avid admirer of creativity, he has always had a penchant for crafting his ideas into a fine thread of words. He is always propped with his ready wit and a flair for repartee, but not just the interesting conversationalist, he may reveal a box full of emotions for any reader when they are made to read the gripping narrative in ‘A Lust Story’ that delineates several erotic shades of love, deceit and pain. They say, the pen is mightier than the sword. His might is his wit which shows up in the charisma of his writings.

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ISBN: 978-81-944648-7-7

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Date of Publishing: 20-07-2020

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