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When we flip the pages of our life, we get filled with utter joy, happiness, emotional moments and what not? Life is always ongoing and it takes umpteen number of years to take the shape and then start afresh all over again.

Inspired by real life incidents, we the writers from different parts of India are here to share the moments of our lives with you in the form of poems and short stories. Our writeups will make you feel like a child, an adult and an elderly person in few minutes of hardcore reading.

Want to live your life with us all over again? Flip through the pages.

Poem Contributors

A.Pavithra, Ganeshe Dhayananth M, Joysree Das, K. Vijaya Gouthami, Nivetha Radhakrishnan, Sasikala, Shahneez Qadir, Shekhar Dewashish, Sonia Dharni Koshy and Swapna Sanchita.

Story Contributors

Anupreetha, Sarika Patkotwar, Shahneez Qadir and Sonia Dharni Koshy.

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ISBN: 978-81-951760-5-2

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Date of Publishing: 19-08-2021

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