Orchids for Jennie Frost


About Book

“Is there a time so-called ‘right time’ to express love?”

This story revolves around the life of a 23-year-old boy, Joy Clive, who swamps in love with an oceanic-blue-eyed girl, Jennie Frost. This one-sided love tale is a profound poetic experience of romance that progresses as he develops and follows his self-created ‘Slowly approaching love theory’ to woo, win, and wed her. The time element is depicted as the deadly antagonist, but the question is, “Will his love thrive battling against this unalterable phenomenon?”

About Author

Imprinting emotions in someone’s heart is the art that Noel P T has been tailing for the last six years. He is a thinker who believes in the fantasy of reading from blank pages and making it visible to his readers. Despite being a computer science engineer, he is keen on English literature and intends to create a universe for avid readers.

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ISBN: 978-81-951760-1-4

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Date of Publishing: 16-08-2021

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