The Son of Dharma


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After surviving a near-fatal accident all Abhishek Singh (Abhi) wanted was an ordinary life. But that was made impossible when his best friend wanted to kill him, along with assassins, monsters, and demons.

The son of Dharma follows the journey of a reluctant hero, who is dragged against his will and common sense into a century old war against the gods. He gets involved in a conspiracy surrounding the Mahabharata leading to a life on the run.

Abhi barely escapes a horde of assassins when he realizes that the enemy is not one man but an entire organization with a century old grudge that has only grown deeper with time. And for reasons unknown it is after Abhi but our cynical hero wants nothing to do with the secrets and the lies when suddenly the choice is out of his control, he can either stand up and fight or die.

About Author

Sayasage {pronounced-Sah-Yah-Saij} whose real name is Shreya Chaudhary, is a young artist who was inspired by her favorite authors to try her hand in writing and publish her work. Shreya is an engineering graduate from SRM IST, Chennai, who is now pursuing her higher education alongside working on her future books. She is an Army brat who has travelled most part of the country and has experienced a lot of things in her young life. Her wish, like any other artist is to touch the heart of her readers. She has always believed that if a writer can make the readers cry and laugh with her characters then she has accomplished her duty as its creator.

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ISBN: 978-81-944648-4-6

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Date of Publishing: 08-08-2020

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