The Spilling Words


About Book

Words, whether spoken aloud or written down on paper, hold such power that can either build up a person, taking them to new heights that they’ve never known or it can destroy someone to the pitfalls of their doom.

When used with the right purpose and intensity, words can be the perfect partner for warmth, comfort and encouragement. With the same interest in mind, we the Co-authors of ‘The Spilling Words’ have brought together several artistic poetry and tales of mind-enchanting words that’ll keep on spilling off your curiosity cup and engage you for hours in its world. The sheer diversity of the thoughts penned down with ink on paper by different writers around the nation will draw you to reveal the beauty of their words in a way that you would want the words to go on and on, not seizing, never ending and always giving a ray of hope.

Poem Contributors

Aanshika Gulati, Ashwin M. Taras, Bhavani Singh, Gayathri Ganesan, Jeni Nirmala James, Rohini Rana, Sasikala, Shikha Patel and Shouvik Chaudhuri.

Story Contributors

Kartik Sharma, Parinita Singh, Prajwal Eliya, S.Srividhya, Sameem Hassain and Vishnu Nair.

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ISBN: 978-81-947513-3-5

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Date of Publishing: 15-09-2020

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