How to Become a Writer: The Ultimate Guide

‘Content is the King’ and the one who creates the content is known as a writer. Most of us watch movies, serials, and series on OTT platforms, have you ever wondered who writes the dialogues, scenes, and situation descriptions? A writer. In fact, all the news that you read and the books that you carry are written by a wordsmith called a writer.

We all get fantasized about the word writer and if you are reading this article, I am sure you want to be a writer too. Without dragging this article here and there, let me come straight to the answer to the question ‘how to become a writer?’

If you write a one-liner, a poem, a prose, an essay, or a compelling paragraph, whether you publish it online or keep it in your personal diary, you’re a writer. The only thing that you must do is,

Choose the kind of writer you want to be:

Writers fall under two broad categories, one who writes for passion and personal enjoyment and the other who writes to earn his livelihood. However, these days, writing can be done for both active and passive sources of income.

If you have decided to become a professional writer willing to earn a name or money, here are several options to choose from:


The one who creates product descriptions, advertisements, taglines, and other short compelling bits of writing. This kind of writer masters at creating SEO copyrighting, email copywriting, brand copywriting, or marketing copywriting. While most of such writers work full-time for private firms, many of them even work on a freelance basis for multiple clients.

Content Writer

The one who specializes in writing blogs, articles, website content, how-to guides, and infographics text is a content writer. In fact, the blog you are going through has been written by a content writer. Like copywriters, content writers also have several specializations depending on the industry they would like to write for. A content writer can also work as a full-time employee or a freelancer.

Technical Content Writer

The one who teaches you how to use a particular equipment or application. This kind of writer must be familiar with the equipment to be detailed and should well understand the terminologies to be used in the product detailing. Such a writer must be from a background that matches the product to be described.

Communication Specialist

The one who acts as the spokesperson of a particular brand or an organization. This kind of writer is responsible to publish content like press releases. Such a writer might indulge in responding to media queries or general public queries. The communication specialist is also known as a communication officer or public relation specialist.


The one who writes for his dedicated column in a newspaper, magazine, or digital platform. Such writers write about a particular area of interest from their own point of view. The columns include news and evergreen topics like fashion, lifestyle, politics, or sports. Such writers keep the readers engrossed through their unique style of writing.


The ones who research, collect, write, and present news for radio, television, or newspapers. Such kind of writer must possess strong research and interviewing skills and must be active all the time to gather information from anywhere expected and unexpected.


If you love to weave words in the form of poetry, you would rather call yourself a poet. Poets are generally hobby or passion driven and are engaged more into not-for-money activities. However, some poets have written bestselling poetry books and have sold millions of copies to the world making poetry their active source of income.

Learn How to Write a Poetry Book


The one who writes books. Like copywriters and content writers, authors also have a specialized genre that attracts them. The authors must choose between fiction, non-fiction, or short-story writing. While non-fiction includes biographies, auto-biographies and academic books, fiction, and short stories would have genres like romance, horror, crime, thriller, suspense, etc to choose from.

Some authors are good at making romance-filled stories while others might be good at creating horror tales. You have to decide which genre interests you more and then go about writing a beautiful book on your preferred genre.

Once written, such books can be published through traditional publishers or self publishers who specialize in publishing books and making them available for the world to buy and read.

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