How to Build an Author Brand? Steps to Create Your Author Brand

When is the last time you googled your name? Not recently? Do it right away to know where you stand.

About seventy percent of the authors do not find their name in the first three search results of their name on google. The reason behind this is, they haven’t worked much on creating their google presence.

This article will tell you about how to build an author brand and how to maintain it.

Before we proceed further let us first understand what is an author brand and why is it important.

Your author brand is the unique image that you build in the eyes of your readers. That is how they recognise you every time they come across your name or your work.

It is important to create your author brand if:

  • You want to enjoy the perks of being known as an author of a particular genre.
    Ex. Ravinder Singh is known as the king of romance because of famous his romance books, Novoneel Chakraborty is very well known for his thriller books and Amish Tripathi is known to have given a different direction to Indian mythology books.
  • You have chosen writing as a full-time career and you want your readers to keep buying and reading your future books.
  • You are born to create your name and are adamant about being recognised everywhere you go.
  • You want to cut the crap and instead of sharing multiple links to your books, you just want to say “google me”.

Now the question arises is ‘how to build an author brand.’

  • Create your Author Website: It is necessary to build an author website in your name and the domain name should be your name. For example, if your name is ‘Damini Aggarwal’, the domain should be This helps google know you directly through your domain, crawl and rank the pages of your website.
    Also, you should frequently post blogs on your website. This will help google recognise you as a regular content creator and keep your website on the top search results every time someone searches your name on google.
  • Create your Social Media Handles: Social media is like fuel to visibility these days. The more active you are on social media, the more followers and visibility you get. Create your account on leading social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Koo, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Post stuff that you are best at and engage with the followers by responding to their comments and queries.
  • Website Interviews: Search for platforms like LiFT Magazine that post author interviews on their website. Such interviews are being read by hundreds and thousands of people online. This not only creates more links about you on google but also strengthens your google presence.
  • Regular Book Marketing: Every drop counts when you have to fill a pot. You have to keep creating new stuff online and offline to create visibility for your latest book. This not only boosts the sale of your latest book but also helps you sell more of your previously published books. The best part is, the more you sell, the more recognition you get from your readers.
  • Author Page on Publisher’s Website: This is a recent trend. Your publisher will create your dedicated author page on his website and would give you limited controls. You can edit your author bio, include your social media & author website links and also list the books written by you. As a publisher’s website is rich with high-quality content, your dedicated author page has a high probability of popping up on top search results of your name on google.

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