How to Write a Perfect Author Bio?

A perfect author bio is nothing more than the description of an author in limited words (Should be between 100-150 words). The purpose of writing an author bio is to introduce the author to his prospective reader. To understand how an author bio should be framed, we need to know what all things should be included in the bio. Following are the things that have to be included in the Author Bio:

  • Name – Of course, the Author’s name has to be there to let the reader know about the person who has written the script. You might laugh while reading this very first requirement, but the truth is 20% of the authors don’t reveal their actual name to the reader and uses a nickname/ short name, but this is not a good practice. When you go to the market to buy some packed food to eat, how would you feel when you do not find the name of the manufacturer of that product? Would you buy it? Will you be able to trust the shopkeeper who sold you the product? Of course not. Then why shouldn’t you reveal your name to the readers? I know when it’s your personal story, you might not like to admit it in public and use your pen name to let the story be known to others. But, as the bestselling author Preeti Shenoy says “To be a writer, you have to be thick-skinned.” So always be tough enough to tell your story with your name.
  • Place of Birth/ Place from Where You Belong: It feels great when you get to know that a particular person from your Town/ Village has become famous. It not only makes you feel proud, but it also brings happiness to your community. So don’t be shy to tell from where you belong and let people know that your Town/ Village/ City has something great in it.
  • Qualifications: we have noticed people using lines like “Perusing B.Com. from XYZ University” But we’re sorry to say, this is not the correct way to tell the readers about your qualifications. Suppose you used the above line in the year ‘2012’ and the reader has bought your book in the year ‘2017’. Within that period of 5 years, you might have completed your master’s as well. So the idea is to write something that has already been completed instead of what you are perusing. Always write like this “Completed 12th from CBSE Board/ B.Com. from XYZ University/ MBA from XYZ University”. This will give a glimpse of your qualifications to the reader.
  • Work Profile: Mentioning your Job position in a particular company is always a plus point. It not only brings a name for your company but will also convince the readers to buy your book and know about your writing skills.
  • Hobbies: A reader would always put himself in the shoes of one of the characters of your book. What if you have narrated the story in the first person? He is likely to put himself in your shoes and imagine the story from your point of view. At that time if he already knows you through your Bio, he would be able to measure the magnitude of your true feelings about your story. So let him know about your hobbies.
  • Awards and Achievements: Writing is all about feelings and passion, but the book is sold when you market it well. Suppose you get to see two books in the market, one belongs to the author who is a film director and another belongs to the author who is just naive. Whose book would you prefer to buy? Of course, the one with the achievement is the experienced one and his book will teach you a lot of things. So always mention your awards/ achievements (if any) to convince the readers to buy your book.
  • Your Thoughts/ Beliefs: Your thoughts and beliefs about society, religion, or your personal experience about anything dear to you should be described within one line. Yes, it shouldn’t be provoking, harmful, or negative. When you meet someone for the first time, you always show him your best side. So, show your positive beliefs/ thoughts to the readers and let them connect to you and your principles for a lifetime.
  • Email Address/ Social Media Details: If a reader is happy with your writing, he would like to connect with you through social media or get in touch with you through an email. It is the best way to let the reader know about your social media handles and help him follow you. This will not only bring the followers for you but will also help you know the personal reviews of the readers about your book. The positive reviews will help you boost your morale and grow, whereas the negative ones will help you take care of the mistakes in the next book.

Things not to be mentioned: Contact Number, Residential Address, Relationship Status and Age.

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