A Guide to Self Publishing in India

Book publishing process can be very intimidating for a first-time author. From choosing among the publishing modes to selecting the right book publisher is a difficult task. What if we tell you that Self Publishing is the best option for a debut? Want to know how? Learn more about it here:

What is Self Publishing?

Self Publishing is the mode of publishing where the entire process of book publishing takes place on the writer’s terms. Be it manuscript editing, book cover designing, book interior designing or book marketing, everything that takes place in self publishing happens only after the approval from the author. This simply means, that gone are the days when the author had to sit behind the shadow of the publisher under the traditional publishing mode and agree to whatever the publishers said.

Benefits of Self Publishing:

No More Rejections – Rejections don’t make us stronger, not anymore. Self Publishing doesn’t discriminate. It gives you the platform to publish your beautiful story like you want, however you want and whenever you want.

Freedom of Creativity – You get total control over the content of your book, its title, the cover, interior design and marketing aspects. You get the perks of partnering with the editor, designer and marketing manager, but in the end, your word is considered the final word.

Get Published in a Short Period – The book publishing process with Self Publishing Companies is seemingly fast. You can get the published book in your hands in just two to three weeks.

Copyright is All Yours – Unlike the traditional publishing mode, in Self Publishing you don’t have to render your copyright to the publisher. You remain the owner of your manuscript and you have all the right to use it the way you want.

Earn More Royalties – Settling at 5-10% royalty for all the hard work that you did writing your book is just not done. Self Publishers offer you 50-100% of the Author Profit share on your book. (Author Profit = MRP – Expenses (Print Cost + Distribution Cost)).

Real-Time Sales Reports – Self Publishers do provide monthly/ quarterly sales reports for you to monitor your book sales. The timely sales reports help you plan your future marketing course of action.

Regular Royalty Pay-outs – You don’t have to bother about your royalty pay-outs under Self Publishing mode. As opposed to traditional publishing where you are supposed to receive annual royalty pay-outs, in self publishing your royalty is paid as soon as it reaches a minimum threshold limit decided by your self publisher. (Generally, the threshold limit is Rs. 500-1500. It is applied to avoid too many transactions in the bank account of the Self Publisher).

Obtain Author Copies at Subsidised Price – Self Publishers offer you great discounts on Author Copies that you buy for your own uses. This helps you gift copies of your book to your loved ones, colleges, libraries, book stores and likes.

There are various platforms available for you to Publish your book in India. Damick Publications offers premium book publishing services at affordable rates for authors with the luxury to take creative control of the book. Whether you are a first time author or a seasoned writer, Self Publishing always allows you to get your book out there in the market in the shortest span of time and build a fan base steadily.

If you are a debut reading this blog, do take it for granted that Self Publishing is the way out for you to kickstart your writing career. As it is quick, efficient and offers a higher return on investment.

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