12 Book Marketing Tips to Boost Your Book Sales

Are you finding it hard to sell your book and looking for Book Marketing Tips to boost your book sales? You have landed on the right page. Here in this article, we will discuss top 12 activities that you can do throughout the year to enhance your book’s visibility on the internet.

It is really very easy to Self Publish a book these days, but it is equally difficult to find the right position for it in the market. Listed are the activities that you must plan before, during and after publishing your book.

Pre-Publishing Book Marketing Tips & Activities:

  • Posting Extracts from the Book – Posting engaging one-liners, dialogues, poetry stanzas or alike always create a curiosity among the readers to read the book. Such posts should be well designed using designing apps like Canva and should be posted on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram using relevant hashtags. The frequency of such posts can be three per week (one post every alternate day). Start posting the one-liner at least one month before the book release to create a buzz in the market. Super Book Marketing Tips #1: Find out the bestselling authors who have written the book in the same genre as yours and copy their hashtags.

  • Sharing the Posted Extracts for Wider Reach – If you have posted the extracts on your Facebook page, do share them on Facebook groups related to readers and writers. This will enhance the reach of your Facebook page and will give hype to your personal branding. For Instagram posts, using relevant hashtags will automatically do the desired sharing.

During-Publishing Book Marketing Tips & Activities:

  • Putting the book for Pre-Order – This idea sounds old age in today’s era when people are more excited to get the book in their hands within a day, but as they say ‘the fruit of patience is sweet.’ You must make your curious readers wait a little more, pre-order your book and wait for its release. This will help you know how well you have done your pre-publishing activities. Super Book Marketing Tips #2: Keep the book on pre-order for the duration of 15 days to 1 month.
  • Running Paid Ads on Instagram and Facebook – Design your ad well before hitting the boost button on Instagram. Your ad post should have all the relevant information that would persuade the reader to buy your book. Run the ad on both Instagram and Facebook for the entire month and make sure to target the right audience while setting up the ad campaign. Super Book Marketing Tips #3: Switch your Instagram profile to a Professional Account. This will help you check the reach of each post that you make on the platform.

Post-Publishing Book Marketing Tips & Activities:

  • Boost Your Book Video Trailer – Beautifully made book video trailers mostly fail drastically. Why? Because they are simply posted on YouTube but are never boosted for ads. When was the first time you got to know about a product in your dreams? It never happened. You got to know about anything that exists through advertising whether display advertising or mouth publicity, isn’t it? Super Book Marketing Tips #4: Run the ads of video trailer on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram simultaneously for 1 month to fetch better results.

  • Website Development – Ever searched your name on Google and found the top results with information about people who had a name similar to yours? Where on Google are you? If you tell a reader ‘Find me on Google’, will he ever be able to if there is no information about you on top search results? Create your links. Make your information available to Google. The best way out is to get a website in your name and put as much information available about you as possible on the website.

  • Author Interviews – Search for platforms like LiFT Magazine that would put your Author Interview on their website. This will help people find one more legit link about you on Google and more information about you through the posted interview. Super Book Marketing Tips #5: Create an Amazon Author Page, this will also work as a link on Google.

  • Organise a Book Giveaway – Announce a giveaway of at least 30 copies of your book. Offer 7 – 8 copies per week to the readers answering a question or solving a puzzle that you would be posting on your social media handles at the beginning of every week. Super Book Marketing Tips #6: Prefer choosing readers with relatively more followers than others. Follow up with the winners to post their reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and Social Media platforms.

  • Sending Books to Public Libraries – This looks old-fashioned, but it works. If you are a debut looking to switch to a full-time career in writing, you must grow your roots deeper. One such way to grow your career is by making your book available in public libraries for free. This will promote the reading habit and would also help the readers find you on the internet if they like your work. Such followership grows slow but remains with you for a lifetime and they will buy all your upcoming books too.

  • Reach out to Cafes with Books Section – The best way to use Display Advertising is to keep your books visible in cafes that are frequently visited by your target audience. For example, a love story should be placed at a coffee shop near a college whereas a book on parenting should be placed at a café near a childcare hospital. Sounds strange but it works.

  • YouTube Reviews – This one is a relatively new concept. Book reviewers these days have become book vloggers. Many of them even have huge followership that would include readers and the authors like you. Find 10 such good vloggers and request them to post a video review about your book on YouTube or Instagram. Super Book Marketing Tips #7: Prefer getting a video review in exchange for a free copy of your book. Pay for reviews only to the vloggers with a wide reach.

  • Reach out the Book Stores – Avoid the premium retail stores that charge you a monthly/ quarterly fee to keep your book visible on their bookshelves. Choose the ones that would love to keep your book available and pay you if the book sells. Book Marketing Tips #8: Don’t ask the bookstores to pay you an upfront cost of your book. Ask them to keep it on credit and pay you only when it sells. Bookstores generally keep 30% of the MRP as their profit share.

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