How to Promote a Book on Social Media?

Only publishing a book is not sufficient. Publishing is just another step towards becoming a successful author. The next step to publishing is marketing and in self publishing, it’s the author who needs to take the responsibility to Promote a Book on Social Media.

Marketing is generally of two types: Online and Offline. And both types of marketing need investment. This investment is not only in terms of money but also is in terms of time and efforts by the author.

However, nowadays the self publishers also have various marketing plans for you, but the success rate is still doubtful. Therefore, we at Damick Publications are committed to bringing out the best for our authors and this is why our publishing experts have written a handout on how to promote a book on social media platforms?

Tip 01: There are usually three ways of promoting a book on Facebook:

1. By posting the excerpts, summary, write-ups related to your book on your profile and tagging the relevant people to that specific post. By relevant people we mean (Readers, People with huge followership, people who can help you with marketing and those who can recommend your book to others.)

Note: Please avoid tagging those who are not related to the book and are not your potential readers, they may put the useless comments landing you in problem.

2. Posting excerpts, quotes, video teasers, etc. in a Facebook group that is specifically made for the readers and writers.

3. By creating your author page where you can keep posting such stuff daily to keep the audience engaged. Also, you need to share the posts of your page on different groups and your profile to bring more visitors to your page.

Note: You are advised to create a page only if you are willing to post the stuff daily. Otherwise, your page will be dead and you will not be able to engage people by your weekly or fortnight postings.

Tip 02: Instagram is the only platform where you need not work hard to get followers. Simply use hashtags and get the followers of your interest. All you need to understand is that using the appropriate hashtags is important.

(Example: For marketing books you can use #books #lovestory #truestory #bestselling #bestseller #writer #selfpublished #author #reader #booklover… And so on).

Note: Please keep your Instagram profile public and let people follow you without restrictions.

Tip 03: Twitter is the cheapest option for paid promotions of any product. In near future, you may require to do paid promotions for your book as well. Therefore, you need to be active on Twitter from now onwards to get a good number of followers before you launch your book.

Hint: Twitter can be automatically managed by integrating your Twitter account to your Facebook profile. Simply Google the process and get it done. All your FB posts will be automatically posted on your Twitter handle after you have successfully integrated both accounts.

Please Note: Writing excerpts from your story is important. Those excerpts should be in the form of a question, a statement, a quote or a short description of a particular scene of your story. The purpose is to engage the reader to convert them into a buyer. The best way is to create a picture of the excerpt and then post it on all social media platforms to gain maximum reach. The ideal time to post in excerpt: 10 am, 1:30 pm, and 8 pm.

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