A Quick Guide to Publishing a Poetry Book

Writing and publishing a poetry book has never been so trendy. Before the 21st century, people often considered that writing poetry should be a part-time thing. Remember, how difficult it was to understand a poem during our school days? But we often loved the way our teachers described every line of a poem and the message the poet had tried to convey using just a few words.

A poem always has something unique that touches the deepest chord of a reader’s heart and that is where you as a poet come into the picture. If you too have followed your heart and have written several poems that you think would create magic in the mind of a reader, you must publish your poetry book right away.

Step by step process of publishing a poetry book:

Select and organise your poetry book –

You must have written ample poems on various themes and moods. It is wise to select the best ones to publish in the book. Carefully pick up the poems that you think would create an impact on the reader. Sort and organise the poems on basis of themes if you wish to divide your book into several parts.

Generally, a poetry book consists of 30 – 100 poems. However, you can always include more poems as per your choice.

Decide a format for your poetry book –

Self publishing a poetry book gives you complete control to choose the format and design of the book. It is important to arrange the poems in a manner that enhances the reading experience. Include just one poem per page and keep the fonts simple and elegant. Decide the right size for your book as the overall feel of a paperback plays a prominent role in what the book represents.

Editing and proofreading your poems –

Each word in a poem has a deep meaning attached to it. What if there are words that are extra and meaninglessly included in the poem? Or maybe there are punctuations that have been wrongly used? In order to keep your book flawless, you need to mercilessly edit each poem and get rid of errors. Additionally, read and re-read each poem with patience and focus.

Design your poetry book –

Choosing the right alignment, page design, illustrations, artistic design and font style is all in your hands when it comes to self publishing your poetry book. Each of the above elements creates an overall feel of the book and that is where your publisher and you go hand in hand to create the best out of the resources available.

Publishing the poetry book through the right platform –

Various platforms encourage poets to self publish their poetry books. But, Damick Publications made it easy with its team of experts that not only help you publish a poetry book, but also guide you to establish your career in writing. Be it editing, book designing, printing and marketing, we will be with you at each stage of your publishing journey to help you make the right decision for your book.

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