How to Setup and Use Amazon Author Page?

Amazon Author Page is a free online service that allows authors to sell their books more to a worldwide audience by giving them legitimacy. You just need to follow the simple steps to get one for yourself:

  • You need to have an Amazon account whether as a consumer or a self publisher. Just visit and signup to fill in the form displayed to have an author page for you. This page shows various options and tabs.
  • On the books tab, ‘claim’ all your published material on Amazon. Once they are confirmed, the titles will show up in the bibliography section of the author’s page.
  • On the profile tab, add your photo and a brief biography that will be displayed on all of your works.
  • ‘About the Author’ contains a link to the Amazon Author Page.
  • The sales info tab helps you to view, scan book sales and analyse the data and graphs.
  • Customer reviews show all Amazon reviews in a single location.
  • There is a link that allows you to link with your blog.

The Six Secret Benefits of Using the Author Page on Amazon

The Amazon Author Page is a free marketing tool for a self published author in India.

  • The author has control over what his readers can see on his page.
  • It improves Amazon search through keyword searches.
  • The author can track the demographics and the quantities of his sale.
  • The author can add more books to his bibliography.
  • The author can connect with his readers and take feedback.
  • The writer can create an international market for his books by integrating his social media accounts with the Amazon Author Page.
  • Readers already following an author on his author page would get information about new releases of the author.

The Benefits of Customer Reviews on Amazon

  • The self publishing industry in India has taken wings with readers connecting directly with authors on Amazon.
  • Readers learn about self published books via customer reviews.
  • Customer reviews offer an overview of the book. Positive reviews generate a good response.
  • Having a mixed review is better than having none at all. Along with the cover, a book’s aggregate reviews create the first impression.

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