How to Setup and Use Goodreads Author Account?

Goodreads Author Account is a free online service that allows authors to register and recommend their books to a worldwide audience.

Registering Your Books on Goodreads

Goodreads is the world’s largest community of readers for authors especially self published ones, as it gives them a wide platform.

  • Setting up Goodreads Author Profile:
    • First, see whether your book is in the database or not.  If it is not, then click on ‘My Books’ followed by ‘Import/Export’ and then on ‘Manually Add Book’.  Alternatively, you can use this link,
    • Once you are on the profile page, click on the link of your name that will lead to Author Profile Page. It will ask, “Is this you? Let us know?”
    • Click on it and send a request.
  • Customise your profile by adding:
    • Photo.
    • Author Bio.
    • Blog.
    • Video.
  • Get started
    • Rate at least twenty books to unlock more features.
    • Add friends.
    • Ask reviews for feedback.

Claiming Your Goodreads Author Account

An author cannot fully utilise this site’s capacity unless he is officially recognized as a Goodreads author.

  • Find yourself after registering at Goodreads.  Click on one of the books that belong to you in the search box. A page that lists your books will be displayed.  Click on your author’s name.
  • Your author profile page will open up and ask for verification. Click on it and submit your request.
  • Goodreads will verify your credentials and send you a welcome mail.

The Fantastic Four Benefits of Using Goodreads

  • It helps a self published author in India to build his platform in a community that has 50 million members.
  • The author can sync his blogs and host giveaways to expand awareness about his work.
  • It gives the writer a chance to get noticed by offering him an opportunity to review other books.
  • The writer can connect with other like-minded writers via reading groups.

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