Difference between Printing and Publishing

Over the years, the Debut Authors have been asking their Book Publishing Company about how many books they will print for the money that the former is willing to pay to the latter. It has been really difficult to make the Debuts understand the difference between Printing and Publishing. It is very imperative to understand … Read more

How to Write a Perfect Author Bio?

A perfect author bio is nothing more than the description of an author in limited words (Should be between100-150 words). The purpose of writing an author bio is to introduce the author to his prospective reader. To understand how an author bio should be framed, we need to know what all things should be included … Read more

The Benefits of Participating in an Anthology

Lately, we have been receiving various queries from the wannabe’s and existing authors and the most frequent questions were ‘What are the benefits of participating in an anthology?’ ‘Should we participate in a paid anthology?’, ‘Are anthologies good for our writing career?’, ‘Is an anthology worth paying for?’, etc. Well, we being a responsible publishing … Read more

How to Choose a Self Publisher for Your Book?

Your manuscript is your hard work. It is the result of hundreds of sleepless nights and endless sacrifices you did to make it the best one. Then, how can you let it go into the wrong hands? In fact, you must look for a publisher/ self publisher who would take care of your manuscript like … Read more